Patient Testimonial

Sheila Miller

Sheila Miller

After experiencing sudden weakness in her legs in early January 2017, Sheila Miller was admitted to an acute care hospital where she was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, an immune-mediated disorder of the central nervous system. After reaching a point of stability after 10 days in the acute care hospital, she was then transferred to HealthSouth Tustin Rehabilitation Hospital for intensive physical therapy where she would remain for 19 days.

With the hospital’s occupational therapy and physical therapy teams, she worked on strengthening her legs and walking comfortably.

Miller credits all of the staff members at HealthSouth Tustin for building her confidence and helping her take her first steps again.

“I thought it was just incredible care all the way from the very beginning to the end - the morning staff, the evening staff. I just could not have had a better situation. They were warm and friendly and caring. They made this possible because it could have been miserable over those 19 days.”